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classroom design grant

Virtually all public school educators reach into their own pockets to pay for classroom necessities without reimbursement. According to a recent survey by the National Center for Education Statistics, 94 percent of teachers spend their own money to stock their classrooms with the necessary supplies and resources. It's not just paper and pencil that students need; much more goes into a classroom's efficiency. ​


Teachers intuitively understand the need to create a welcoming community in their classrooms. A warm and responsive classroom appearance and culture are essential because students need to feel safe and valued to thrive like all of us. Every teacher wants to have an aesthetically pleasing classroom but not every teacher can afford to have the culturally relevant materials so cheaply or readily available. If you teach in a minority diverse school, having visuals related to your students is vital to broaden their schema and not reinforce stereotypes.


The Leaders To Learners classroom design grant will provide relief to select black male educators to build their ideal classroom. Allowing them to purchase supplies, visuals, flexible seating, and other items that will enhance their students' learning experience.

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